Vietnam, 2017 - a foodie trip for Sainsbury's Magazine

In October 2017, I had 6 weeks of absolute crazy travel - France to Madrid to Sardinia followed by Peru and climaxing with 10 days in Vietnam. At the end of this insane 6 weeks, I vowed never to step on a plane again (an absolute lie - who was i kidding?!). I’d worked really hard in 2017 and also worked relentlessly to turn all of those trips into commissions. When I got back, i went straight into a month long freelance stint at my old stomping ground, Sainsbury’s Magazine, and then writing up all of these trips before starting a year long maternity cover at Psychologies Magazine at the beginning of December. It’s no wonder I had no time to do anything on my blog. Yesterday i was looking through my images of that Vietnam trip to find a reference shot of Vietnamese Iced Coffee for a food shoot I’m currently producing for The Sunday Times Magazine. Gosh - I’d not even posted some of my favourite images from that trip on my website, let along the resulting food feature published almost a year after I’d been. i’m going to write more about Vietnam in another post, for there’s too much to say here, but here are a few of my favourite images from Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An and Mekong. The images that I return to are the ones that were not planned, just observing what’s going on in the streets.