Caragh Couldridge, Caragh's Chocolates

In May 2018, I had the absolute pleasure of heading over to Sark, one of the Channel Islands, for a shoot with the very intriguing Caragh Couldridge who not only makes her own chocolates, but she’s also a police officer and yoga teacher. How does she find the time?! Turns out Caragh isn’t the only one with several different jobs; it seems to be common practice on this fascinating little island. I spent ages talking to Caragh before we even thought about shooting, as she was so interesting. She took me down to the lovely little bridge that links Sark with Little Sark where we spent quite some time trying to avoid the ‘tourists’ (myself included!) whilst composing the opening image of her with her bike. This is an iconic spot of Sark so we also had to wait for her dog to play ball and be part of the image. The light was really flat and there was a lot of glare so it was a tad tricky to get right. Typically, the following day the sky was much more dramatic. Nevermind. I loved watching her at work in her chocolatiers, seeing her interact with customers and taking a moment out to show me some of her yoga. My boyfriend came with me, acting as my assistant, carrying my kit, so we spent an extra few days sampling the joys of Sark and had a wonderful time. The place is so magical we are going back this year. Before we left, Caragh invited us to dinner with her husband and we had a lovely time at Stocks Hotel, shooting the breeze.