Herne Bay project

In summer 2017 I was commissioned by Canterbury Council to produce a picture library of my home town, Herne Bay. It was a commission that came totally out of the blue by a friend who suggested it was something I could do. I spent a week in August walking around town, capturing the heart of the town, it’s events, people, food, sports and buildings, that kind of thing. I had to be careful not to show children, unless we’d planned a shoot to specifically show this (which we did with some of the people from the council offices) so there are lots of the backs of people, but the essence was to capture the vibrancy that Herne Bay can have. Photographing a town can hold a lot of problems; i’m not a fan of street furniture for example, cars, bins that kind of thing so finding a perspective can be challenging. And even more so on a particularly flat, dark and dismal day. But thankfully, most of the time the sun shone. There are a lot of the images that make up the collection but here are a few of my favourites.