2015 - A year in reflection

The end of 2015 turned out to be a little busy.  I had some last minute commissions to Parma in Italy and a christmas Shopping trip to Basel, Switzerland.  Sadly, I've neglected my blog a little whilst I've been juggling the commitments of travel and all it entails afterwards (8 hours sitting at my computer writing the first draft of each feature and that's before I've even downloaded the pictures) but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm attempting to post twice a week for the time being...so let's see how that goes!

As the year closed, I realised that actually, I've got a few nice projects in the pipeline so there's plenty to be getting on with!  2015 was a wonderful and very exploratory year where I completely stepped out of my comfort zone.  The lure of the 9-5 with it's early morning commute and no time to myself didn't appeal to me anymore.  Yes, I miss the regular income but things always work out.  I am traveling, photographing and writing and nothing makes me happier.  I can spend blustery mornings on the seafront with my dog.  I can work from 6am-9pm if i desire.  I can nip out for a long lunch if I want to.  These kinds of things are priceless so...if you have a dream then make it a reality in 2016.  

Here are a few images from Parma...Switzerland hasn't been edited yet!