Wylde Magazine

Wylde is a high-end magazine I've been following for a few years now.  Not only does it look fabulous, it also is the place for some great photographic and styling talent.  It is also owned by my good friend, David Newton, himself a brilliant still-life photographer.  David and i have worked together now for about 14 years, first on Harpers Bazaar where he started his career as an illustrator and 'scanographer' from his bedroom in Finsbury Park and then over the years on other magazines i've worked on, teaching himself photography and not only producing some of the most creative and technically amazing product images i've seen, but also becoming a personal inspiration to me...you don't have to have a qualification or full technical skills to be what you long to be, just a creative eye and a will to succeed.  

I've just been listed in the newest issue of the magazine as i'm now writing travel features for the website.  There are other plans in the pipeline for me to be involved more too...exciting times!

Here is the link to the review of Coworth Park