Canyon Ride and Franks house - what a treat!

Have you ever been on a jeep ride through the Canyon?  if you get the chance, you should!  Even better, find Bill, a 68 year old tour guide who will make you feel so safe and secure that you really won't mind heading out into the middle of nowhere for an open topped jeep ride through the Oracopia Mountains.  As we sped through this really arid, dry, quiet (ok, aside from the roar of the jeep) area, you kind of realise just how big America is.  I really fell for the gnarly old trees, things that need to be hardy and tough to withstand this kind of environment.  I saw a hare...then a hawk although thankfully not at the same time, but that was about it.  Not even a spider scuttling by, although Bill said there are plenty but this area stays dead through the day and comes alive at night...somethingI'd rather not see!

Next up was a jaunt around Palm Springs, a mid-century modern lovers dream, right from the cars to the houses.  But be sure to take a cable car ride up to the nearby mountain range for amazing views over Palm Springs and beyond.  Sod being scared of's pretty special

Palm Springs is pretty cool with lots of shops and restaurants but i couldn't spend longer then 2 days here.  There are some interesting characters, but let's not talk too much about the man showing a bit too much of his bodily parts then he realised.  Let's just say there were many jokes about 'dates and nuts'.  We hooked up with the guys who look after the Frank Sinatra House so we took a ride through the 'movie' district of Palm Springs and I got massive house envy.  But the best of all was this rather crazy dude who takes three months to adorn his house with a mad array of large scale movie memorabilia in his garden.  It must take forever to get from his front door to the car.  This place really made me smile...what a wonderfully eccentric character he must be.

I immediately wanted to stay the night at Sinatra's house but upon finding out it's $6,000 PER NIGHT i decided a quick call to the bank for an overdraft extension wasn't a good idea.  Still, it was good to have a nose for a time, and get to experience the atmosphere Sinatra created back in the 40's in this groundbreaking (at the time) modestly small (only 3 bedrooms) home he built before he got really famous.  

And here is a wonderful falcon i spotted at the hotel...