My first entry - a tribute to my dad

Dad was someone I didn't really know for he died when i was 10.  However, I'm pretty certain, especially after unearthing this fab picture of him, that I inherited my love of music from him.  Although I think, had he been alive now, he'd be horrified in my taste of music!

After years at school listening to pirate radio stations with a wire aerial taped to the wall and recording my favorite songs on bright yellow Memorex tapes, I finally got a chance to buy my first set of decks when I went to University.  I was lucky that another first year student wanted to sell his belt-drive decks and flight case full of what are now classic house tunes, to buy a pair of Patrick Cox loafers.  I picked it up pretty quickly and before I knew it I was playing garage vinyl, albeit pretty badly at first, at the student union.  We used to transport my decks between student houses in halls to play at parties, which was even more of a problem when I broke my leg in 1997.  I had to dj sitting down which wasn't a cool look.  

I met loads of great people in Farnham.  We had a few great years dancing our socks off as I honed my skills.  Just as i was about to embark on my very first 'proper' job in London, I met a group of guys who were running a night in Farnborough.  They went under the name of Bone Idle.  We played at a few other venues such as bars in Bournemouth and The Theckla in Bristol.  I remember going to the Koola Club in Bristol with one of the DJ's, Andy Hallett, as he convinced me to enter into a DJ competition.  By this point, I'd left Uni and was living back with my parents so I didn't have my decks set up so I practiced whenever I could at my friend's house.  I was lucky enough to work near Blackmarket Records at the time and would go in weekly - oh the days of having spare cash!  Nicky Blackmarket soon started to give me some under-the-counter 'specials' and because of this, I was able to fine tune a 15 minute set into what i thought was a work of art!  Not to be intimidated by the scary MC's crowding around the DJ booth, I took to the decks and did my thing.  Just an hour later, I was announced as the winner.  It was my crowning moment as a DJ and I was happy for it to stop there.

These days, I play records when I'm under no pressure to do so. For me it's a hobby and I think I'd of lost the love of music if it would've been a career.  But I still have my dad to thank for my pursuit of vinyl.  

Dad in the 1970's - love the telephone headphones

Dad in the 1970's - love the telephone headphones